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Re: Rewatching. Thus, I'm obligated to make a thread.

Originally Posted by Looney View Post
I WISH I had the time or the energy to comment on each of your negative statements.

DEATHWALKER is one I love for the backstory and overall arc implications and not so much for every bit of the execution.

BELIEVERS is one I don't think gets enough credit.

SURVIVORS is a Garibaldi story.

I do feel SURVIVORS does create a connection with regard to the President. It also gives us some insight into how JMS wanted us to see more of background arc stuff.
If you're ever feeling up to it, I always enjoy a rousing game of "discuss the nitpick". =]

Deathwalker, I agree. Good for the universe, not so great to actually watch.

Believers, I'd probably enjoy arguing either side of this episode more than I would actually watching it. Some thought provoking stuff, but I'm not really sure it builds the universe at all, and after you've thunk all the relevant thoughts, I'm not sure it's entertaining on a rewatch. I definitely would not recommend skipping it on a first run through the series.

Survivors... I want to say this was probably a good episode. A bit cheesy in parts, not the best acting, but it has deeper implications and shows us some G-backstory. I think I'm probably looking forward to the big "Want do you want, and the rock cried out no hiding place, go to z'ha'dum and you will die" moments and not properly appreciating the little things.

Which I should really pay more attention to, because, while I've seen them all before, it's the little things that make the big things worth it. I dunno why I've always struggled to really connect with Season 1. I used to blame Sinclair, but really, it's not him this time.
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