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Re: EpDis: Day Of The Dead

The only think that kind of makes sense about Lennier's bitterness to me is that he might have no longer felt needed at Delenn's side now she is married. You can't have three in a marriage and Lennier knows that – he can't be her constant companion when she now has wedding ring on her finger. So he doesn't feel he has a place now with her, so he leaves to avoid having to deal directly with it, and he trains hard because he's diverting all the energy from his frustration into that, because to him it's better than doing nothing, and I've been in that position so I know.

What Lennier needed to do in season 5 was to find his own path. Maybe not necessarily with the Rangers, maybe joining the Rangers could have led him down a road to a different destination. In the end though he just completely loses himself and what he stands for. It's like his moral anchor just vanishes.

Though I would say seeds for this plot line were sown in the fourth season. In The Summoning when Sheridan returns, Lennier is *not* happy. And then there's that conversation with Delenn in Rising Star about unrequited love. I think the most disappointing thing about Lennier's actions in Objects at Rest is that it sends the message that unrequited love leads to jealousy and selfishness.
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