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Re: EpDis: Day Of The Dead

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I still do not, and never will like puberty Lennier. I do like seeing him wearing the Ranger outfit, though. It's interesting that Morden would appear to him. And, did Morden get a haircut in the land of the dead? It amuses me how he keeps looking for coffee. The foreshadowing in the Lennier/Morden bit disturbed me a great deal the first time I watched this. I was so certain that Lennier would be killed off before the end of the show. It worried me greatly. Now I WISH Lennier had been killed off before the end of the show. But, we'll get to that when we get to that .
Honestly I don't have a problem with the idea of Lennier committing some kind of betrayal out of love for Delenn but it was just done in a ham fisted fashion that went too against the grain for his character. Rather I would have preferred some kind of disobedience to try and save Delenn resulting in the deaths of others.

Lennier sticking his head in the sand again certainly makes sense but it does as Morden himself says feel like a bit of a wasted opportunity. I really like the idea of sending Morden back not to someone like Londo, Vir or Sheridan who he had history with but rather some one a bit more "morally sheltered" who had a world view he could poke a few holes in but we sadly only get a few hints at.

Indeed I think if CC had stayed Ivanova/Morden would have been a good pairing(considering the Macrus story was sposed to be unresolved) for similar reasons.
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