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Re: EpDis: Day Of The Dead

I LOVE Day of the Dead... for reasons I can't quite explain. There's just something sort of magical about this episode.

On the subject of Rebo and Zooty, I'm with Lochley. Yea, I understand that their humor is supposed to be appreciated in context, but I'm guessing that even in context, I wouldn't be amused. I don't much care for the Rebo and Zooty bits in this episode, but even so, I rank this one very highly.

I quite like the idea of a "Day of the Dead", and it fits well with what we know of the Brakiri .. which is very little, but they have that sort of gothy thing going on. I like the whole Day of the Dead atmosphere, with all the decorations and things. I also like that there is no explanation of what exactly happened there. I often get annoyed when things are left unexplained, but in this case it just really worked for me.

I think what I love most about this episode is seeing Londo with Adira again. It's nice that he gets to have another night with her, although I feel that seeing someone long dead again would be a LOT weirder than anyone on the show seems to think it is. I mean aside from the weird seemingly supernatural stuff going on .. have you ever seen someone who looks exactly like someone a deceased person you were close to? It's an extremely weird experience ... I think I commented on this before when Anna Sheridan returned from the dead. But, whatever, it's fiction, it works, I like those scenes.

The scenes with Lochley and her long-dead roommate are perhaps borderline cheesy, but that doesn't bother me either.It's nice to get some background on her. What a terribly non-secure passphrase, though! I'm assuming the passwords on Babylon 5 are more about voice recognition than the actual words spoken, because otherwise all the major characters would be in big trouble (Griffin? Come on.)

I still do not, and never will like puberty Lennier. I do like seeing him wearing the Ranger outfit, though. It's interesting that Morden would appear to him. And, did Morden get a haircut in the land of the dead? It amuses me how he keeps looking for coffee. The foreshadowing in the Lennier/Morden bit disturbed me a great deal the first time I watched this. I was so certain that Lennier would be killed off before the end of the show. It worried me greatly. Now I WISH Lennier had been killed off before the end of the show. But, we'll get to that when we get to that

I have to ask again, why do all the Brakiri appear male? If not for that woman whose presence sets off a fight between Sheridan and Garibaldi in Racing Mars, I'd believe that all Brakiri appear male to human eyes. Curious.
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