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Re: EpDis: The Fall Of Night

I often find it interesting to think of this episode compared to "The Long Twilight Struggle." I think a lot of writers who sought to end a season would probably have gone with the events of "The Long Twilight Struggle" as it's a lot more explosive and far-reaching in terms of location of the more obvious side of its plot. But I like that jms went with "The Fall Of Night" for the end of season two. It's more localized basic plot is a contrast to what I think could be expected from other writers, but it's got such a degree of ominousness to it that really gets me good. From Earth signing the nonagression treaty with the Centauri despite what we as viewers get to see in that the Centauri are definitely the more vicious of the sides in the Centauri-Narn War, to Delenn telling Sheridan that those who would understand what Kosh's revealing himself would truly mean would wonder if the Vorlons were prepared for the coming war but that Delenn didn't think the Vorlons really were, and then the Keffer's guncam footage being broadcast with the voiceover of we don't know who they are statement: it all just gives me a bit of heebiejeebies. The revelation of Kosh is breathtaking. And Ivanova's ending monologue about peace and victory is stunning to me too.
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