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Re: Does any tv series / book saga / movie saga achieve B5's plot structure?

I think it was absolutely ridiculous how everyone behave towards Lyta in the fifth season. Couldn't actually almost believe what I was seeing when I watched it for the first time. Makes about as much sense as having Sam in LotR to snatch the One Ring from Frodo and announce himself as Lord of Middle-Earth.

Considering what Lyta went through with the others you'd think that at least someone would call attention to their own behavior. I wish that the teeps would've wiped the floors with the station personnel. Well... except for Zack.

About Winters being Control, I always kinda piled it up with her in the first episode where she strangely and obsessively tries to form some sort of relationship with Ivanova right off the bat. I'm sure she could've just filed the specifics somewhere after the first encounter where she confronted Ivanova at the bridge and introduced herself. But no, she has to rub it in just for the sole reason of establishing Ivanova's character.

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