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Re: New vote for worst episode ever: Between the Darkness and the Light

Originally Posted by Ubik View Post
Infection - Yes, it has the organic / shadow tech hint, but good god this is a clunky as hell monster of the week episode that just doesn't work. It put a close friend off the series for life. He was unconvinced to start with, this episode put the nail squarely in the coffin.

This episode almost made me write off B5. It was the first one I saw and it basically made the show look like a sub-Trek rip-off with none of the interesting ideas or themes of Trek. The few good bits are almost invisible until you rewatch (or are missing the setup like Garibaldi's speech to Sinclair after he risks his life again). Even the B story is comparatively weak (no Londo, G'Kar or Delenn for the first time).

It was only two years later that a friend convinced me how good the show was and convinced me to start watching from the start of Season 3.
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