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Re: New vote for worst episode ever: Between the Darkness and the Light

Originally Posted by Ubik View Post
For me, TKO holds the title as the worst episode. I don't find Ivanovas plot very appealing. This, in my opinion, should have been the B plot to something that's got to do something with the overall story. The Fighting Plot does nothing at all (ok, the "you never watch your back"-line, but that's not really worth mentioning and the betrayal later stings just as much if we'd never hear that warning at all...
So for me, this one is an easy skip. Correct me if I forgot something of significance in Ivanovas plot.
In the UK, TKO was not shown as part of the regular run of the first season (the censors decided bare-knuckle fighting was not appropriate for the 6pm slot it was showing in) so we didn't get to see it until they ran it late at night a week or two before season 2 began showing. But we probably wouldn't have missed it if they had never shown it.

However, I believe it is the first time, at least in science fiction and maybe even mainstream American TV, that a Jewish character had been seen sitting shiva, so it gets a pass from me for just being brave enough to show a different religion on TV. Plus, I guess it humanises Ivanova a little more - she spent most of the first season parking ships in C&C or being stern, so it does show there's a human being underneath all that.
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