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Re: Is it time to go beyond the rim?

I am heartened so see so many friends that I thought had already passed beyond the rim.

Administratively, this isn't a burdensome place. There are a few mods that come around and tend to their forums that still have some life. If something gets a bit strange, they know how to contact me to come sort it out.

I am loathe to shut it down myself. This was truly the first forum where I felt truly at home. And while I have shown up elsewhere (primarily at Antony's other, much busier site, TrekBBS), it hasn't been "the same."

Antony essentially said to me that it doesn't have to be imminent. It may be time, however, to send out a broadcast notice to see who would like to have a view of the place. As Jan said, there are many wonderful conversations stored here. I believe Antony mentioned it could be all archived so that it could be accessed or restored if desired.

Thanks all for your feedback. It warms the heart of this OLD first one.
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