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Re: "Crusade: What the Hell Happened?"

Originally Posted by Jan View Post
Originally Posted by Alioth View Post
From the product description at Cafe Press, this sounds like a bunch of interviews, unused scripts, and a various hodgepodge of stuff related to the show and its airing.
Yes, it's a continuation of the script book series similar to the 14-book (plus Other Voices) series done for B5 itself beginning in 2005.

I'm wondering if there will ever be actual novels continuing the story line and whatever arcs JMS envisioned within it.
Unlikely. First, JMS has said repeatedly that he isn't really interested in doing so because he envisioned the story for television. Second, there's no publisher currently interested in publishing them and third, it's beyond the scope of the script books project in general and in particular (partly) because licensing from WB would be prohibitive.
Any word on proposed actual continuations of the story, either in novel form, movies, or (dare we ever hope) some sort of revival of the TV series?
Unknown if it's anything to do with Crusade, but there does seem to be something stiring regarding B5. JMS just can't/won't discuss it until the ink's dry on actual contracts.

I asked him a couple years ago, and he flat out said the story wouldn't be continued in any other format. I did not ask - but suspect - that his attempt to pitch a Trek reboot a few years back was actually an attempt to salvage the Crusade storyline by using it in another universe.

Just this week, JMS said on his facebook page that the B5 project was still moving forward to some extent, but gave no details.
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