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Semi Unrelated Lose End Trivia from a few posts back... This is in regards to JMS's recent War Without End (Pt1) commentary which at the moment is still "exclusive to his Patreon account" and not yet released to the general public.

JMS mentions "The Babylon Contract", negotiating with unions, and finding a way to unionize WITHOUT moving the show to Canada for budgetary reasons. There was a little about this in B5 script books 5 and 7 - "The Babylon Contract" appears to be for studios with shows that cost less than 1 million per episode. But the interesting bit appears to be the name of the episode where both JMS and John Flinn waved their script/director fees to allow for the new union budget to work: Grey 17 Is Missing.

...and to steer things back on topic, have started watching Medusa Cascade reaction videos. Seems she was displeased with Garibaldi for betraying Sheridan on Mars.
But then Bester showed up...
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