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Originally Posted by Springer View Post
Did Mongoose publish the novels in the US?
Not...really. At one point they planned to and had arranged a license with Warner's but then...something happened.

The short version is that they inadvertently offended JMS when they asked him to review the manuscripts-then they were going to base some of the novels on his unproduced Crusade scripts (with WB approval but not JMS'), then they claimed that their books were going to be 100% canon (thinking they only had to buy that right from WB), then JMS agreed to review the manuscripts after all and declared them unprofessional and 'licensed fan fiction'. After this very public kerfluffel, Mongoose decided not to publish novels after all. But some of them did become public from the authors sharing and from some publicity copies-including Claudia's. I've attempted to read three of them and my opinion matches JMS'. Claudia's *might* have been salvaged but the other two were completely unreadable.

"Hidden Agendas" was the Ivanova story.
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