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I never got into the miniatures, although I bought a few from Agents of Gaming as they were collapsing. I doubt there is a Cyclops miniature. The later books, like the trilogies, are considered more canon than the earlier ones, but not 100%, otherwise JMS might have found himself painted into a corner by someone else's writing at some point. 'Nautilus Coil' was written by J. Gregory Keyes, who also wrote the Psi Corps novel trilogy, so I think it's also more canon than not. And it's clearly meant as a bit of set-up for whatever was going to be revealed in Crusade, and maybe a Telepath War film. The story takes place maybe a few months into the Telepath War, which has a timeline that's pretty tricky to work out. JMS was always pretty careful when introducing new ships to the B5 universe, and this one introduced both the Cyclops and the Toreador, a ship Garibaldi bought from IPX and fitted out with heavier weaponry, probably because he sees a Telepath War raging all around him. He and Lyta travel to Vorlon space in it, and then presumably return home to get shot at some more.

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