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What was the original 5-year plan?

Hi all, long time lurker, first time poster.

I'm currently rewatching B5 for the 8th or 9th time, for the first time in the JMS recommended order detailed on this site rather than the box set order, and with my gf who had never seen the show previously but is also loving it.

We just reached the end of season 4 (barring Deconstruction, which we're saving until the very end, as recommended) and we started chatting about how certain things seemed rushed, almost certainly due to the imminent supposed cancellation of the show before season 5 was given the green light...

John and Delenn getting married off-camera, mentions of the coming psy-war and another war, mention of the new interstellar alliance almost falling apart but holding together, Marcus' death...

It got me thinking... At what point did they know (or at least think) they were cancelled?

It seems strange that the Shadow War that had been building for so long, ended abruptly mid-season. Was this planned from the start or was it supposed to be a season-ender?

Essentially, did they think they weren't getting the 5th season a long time before the end of season 4 or was it mere episodes from the end that they found out and had to start squeezing things in quickly?

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