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That still doesn't mean that JMS couldn't have changed his mind about where he wanted Lennier to end up, right?
Certainly Joe can change his mind any time he wants. However, as I mentioned in the other thread, Bill already knew Lennier was to die in the telepath war. This was before season five was even a go. I will upload the quote when I find it.

As for appearances mentioned up-thread, both Bill and Stephen had new contracts for season five. 7 episodes + 2 to direct for Stephen; 7 episodes + 1 to write for Bill. And although Bill's script wasn't used, he still was paid for it.


Found the quote. Interview August 5th, 1997:

Originally Posted by Bill Mumy
When I read that Lennier was toasted as one who had fallen [in Sleeping in Light], at first I tried to appeal that. I went to Joe and said, "Does he have to die?" and Joe said, "He dies in the great telepath war. He'll die like a hero, and it's way down the line; it's two movies down the line." I said, "Yeah, but he has to die?" and Joe said, "Yes, he's dying. He'll die like a hero and it will be great death, and it's after the fifth season" and blah blah blah.

That's Lennier's fate: he dies in the great telepath war somewhere down the line in the future.
Huh. Well, I'm just damn wrong, I guess.

That's what I like about this site as opposed to Trek or Gate sites: People here know their stuff, don't just natter and attack. (Gate sites do that less than Trek sites, but still)

Anyway, thank you. I think I prefer what I daydreamed over what JMS had in mind, but I am clearly, clearly, clearly wrong.

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