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Re: JMS' on Patreon

Originally Posted by Looney View Post
Jan, do you know if JMS is aware of the re-mastering issues?
Maybe? I know that the remastering has been a pretty major topic but unless he chooses to answer a comment or question, I don't know for sure. He doesn't seem to know who's done them so we can't assume he'll be able to inform anybody, I'm afraid.

Hypatia, it all depends on the Pateron account. There are a number of accounts where items are released to the public after a ceratin amount of time and others that always stay behind the wall. As Looney said, this may be a major incentive for people to become Patrons so it may be that he'll keep it for Patrons only. It's pretty cool that he's been able to tie it in with folks helping bring Last Dangerous Visions to life, too.
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