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Re: EpDis: Endgame

Various countries and language areas have different policies, so there is more than one possibility for watching English-language shows in other countries. Some (especially smaller countries/areas, where the dubbing process is too expensive to pay off) keep the original dialogue track and add subtitles; here in Germany (a relatively large country, with additional same language areas in neighbouring countries) almost everything is translated and dubbed. That means the voices may be different than those of the original actors, something that can change the feeling of a character.

Also, not everything can be translated accurately into another language; sometimes it simply cannot be said in the same way, sometimes there is no equivalent for idiomatic phrases or cultural references. There is always change, and usually loss, in translation, which is why I enjoy having the DVDs now, with the option of choosing the original sound/language track.

Title changes can be interesting to analyze - there are cases where the translated title gives away too much in advance, or is a boring repeat of something or other that says nothing. In this case, the translators picked up a good word turn to use.
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