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Re: Does any tv series / book saga / movie saga achieve B5's plot structure?

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About Winters being Control, I always kinda piled it up with her in the first episode where she strangely and obsessively tries to form some sort of relationship with Ivanova right off the bat.
.... Or she could have been trying to do the good and professional thing by establishing a working relationship with someone she's going to have to work with a lot.
No one behaves like that.

Have you relentlessly besieged someone like that when starting in a new job? Doesn't really strike as normal behaviour to me.
I guess you've never encountered any salesmen, of the sort we have in the US. Psicorp is a separate entity from the command structure of B5. Ivanova was not Talia's superior, but Talia's position made it necessary that she 'sell herself' to Ivanova, whether Ivanova liked it, or not.
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