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Re: Reading Between The Lines - The Gathering

Originally Posted by b5historyman View Post
I think it's to do with Psi Corps not being interested in the affairs of Mundanes unless it impacts on them. Lyta was working for Xenocorp from 2247-2257 so to be generous, she could have been out of Earth Alliance territory for all those years.
See that is interesting because I have always wondered why Lyta was sent to Babylon 5. When looking at the situation I have always thought that Psi Corps would be VERY interested in Babylon 5 and therefore the representative they would send would be very important; a point eventually proven by what happens with Talia Winters. Babylon 5 represented a place where Telepaths from other races could come into contact with Earthforce personnel as well as be in close proximity to Earth representatives and business people. I've always thought it a bit strange that Psi Corps didn't have a larger presence on B5 than we were shown. Of course we know they had people everywhere, but in The Gathering it appears from the audience perspective that Lyta is set up to be an average representative until she is asked to help in the Kosh situation. It is only through events that unfold as the episodes move forward that it appears Psi Corps takes an interest in B5 until Talia's sleeper personality is awakened. We learn that Psi Corps thought enough of B5 to have gone through the trouble to plant Talia there. Anyway, point being is yes it is very possible Lyta missed the Babylon Project construction news cycle, but isn't it odd that Psi Corps would send a Telepath whom appears to quite average to Babylon 5 initially only to replace her with a Telepath that they have implanted with an alternate personality? One could say the Kosh incident made them take notice, but shouldn't they have thought enough of B5 from the reasons I've mentioned to send more than just a P5?
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