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Re: EpDis: In The Beginning

Originally Posted by Recoil View Post
Wait a sec. B5 has a fun sense of humor?

I've always thought humor is the one area that B5 never got right, and always failed to deliver. Some of the weakest and cheesiest moments in all of B5 are where they are trying to be funny...and it comes across as forced and always feels out of place.
I agree with the last sentence that some of their worst moments were times when they tried too hard to be funny.

However, I also always found plenty of humor in the show that just flowed from the characters (some more than others).

So while one thing about which Cartagia was absolutely correct was the observation that "Humor is so subjective.", and not everyone is going to find the same things funny, I always found B5 to have a decent sense of humor.

Zathrus was funny. Other characters' reactions to Zathrus were often funny. Londo was often funny. Ivanova in snide, sarcastic comment mode could be funny. While Ivanova in uncomfortable squirming mode could cross over into the "trying too hard" column, there were times when it felt natural for the character and worked for me (such as when Vir asks her for advice because he has never gotten beyond 2). Marcus could be funny (although, for some reason this was usually when he was teamed with either Stephen or Susan). Heck, even Cartagia could be funny .... in a dark and twisted way to be sure, but it sometimes made me laugh.
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