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Re: EpDis: The War Prayer

Shaal Mayan is probably referenced in a Universe Today headline. Those headlines spoke volumes.

VL, that's a good question. I wonder how David MacIntrye fared as a resistance leader on Narn, and what he did after Narn was freed. Somehow I envision him in the Rangers eventually. And did the Cassandra-esque Lady Ladira survive the various upheavals of Centauri Prime? For that matter, did Vir's wife Lindisty -- and did she and Vir ever get married? Vir's star was on the rise again in Season 5 as the replacement ambassador to B5, and while that position was not as big as it was with the IA taking over, it was still better than being diplomatic envoy to Minbar, which was enough to get him engaged in the first place.

Of course Vir had his pick of women as Emperor, but I like to think that he tried to get Lindisty to change.
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