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Re: EpDis: Acts Of Sacrifice

I like the humor of the Lumati scenes, although I do tend to laugh at things easily. Still, what strikes me as really funny is the wonderfully ludicrous disjunction between how exaltedly they see themselves and how absurd they really are. That makes great comedy, and could apply to so many other people and situations.

The meat of the episode though is the further development of Londo and G'kar, without a doubt. I always feel so desperately sorry for Londo here, ironically because he got what he wanted, and he never thought of how it would totally isolate him from others. In very nice symmetry, G'kar also reaps what he's sowed--his thirst for vengeance has partly gotten him and his people where they are, thus illustrating a central irony of the episode: beware what you wish for; you just may get it. And you feel just as sorry for him in that terrible laughing/crying moment after he finds out what Delenn and Sheridan are risking to help him. The episode is cool for them too, how it illustrates that when institutions fall down on the job, it's up to moral individuals to pick up the slack., and how hard this can be when you're surrounded by extremists who'll pursue their agenda regardless of how self destructive and wrong headed it clearly is. Gosh. Applicable lessons here for our own current set of headlines.
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