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Re: EpDis: Between The Darkness And The Light

Fresh from rewatching this episode, I'm still deeply moved by the tragic ending. Just when it looked like Ivanova was beginning to warm to Marcus (having recognized his Minbari compliment and thanked him for it), she gets fatally injured. (And yes, I know what comes next, but it doesn't take away the feeling that overwhelms me now.) Her deathbed conversation with Sheridan is all about the war, about her role as a commanding soldier and his recognition. More important than the words are the faces - it's heartbreaking to see Marcus' bleak expression and the tears both he and Delenn shed.

Wrenching my thoughts back to the previous events...

Interesting that Sheridan's drugged vision of Franklin comes true when the doc and the others rescue him. Garibaldi gets stabbed in the back - an echo of his own actions, figuratively stabbing Sheridan in the back.

Interesting also the reaction and cooperation of the League worlds and the accompanying quote: politics and morality on the same side?!

Lyta's strength as a telepath, getting through P12 blocks, seems almost limitless at this point.

A pivotal episode!
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