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Re: Favourite minor character?

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My favorite character (and actor, I must admit) in a one-shot appearance is Harriman Gray, the telepath in the episode, "Eyes". He was played by Jeffery Combs, who appeared in ST: DS9 as Weyoun, the creepy Founders' minion, and he was also in a ST:Voyager episode, I think the one where Seven of Nine has been kidnapped to perform in a gladiatorial-type entertainment. He can play creepy along with the best of them.
Excuse me, but you're talking up Jeffrey Combs' career and his ability to do creepy without mentioned Re-animator?

I also heart Combs.
Awesome performance there. I have a T-Shirt with his image on it that says "Dr. West has a good head on his shoulders....and his desk"
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