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Re: EpDis: Shadow Dancing

Franklin and the battle weren't actually intercut THAT much, the meat of his scenes was intercut with Ivanova/Marcus and the Shadow scout. Its only his actually finding help that's mixed with the battle and its fairly brief.

Franklin meeting himself is IMHO the characters best scene in the whole series, up there with some of the Londo/G'Kar scenes as the best of the whole series for me.

I would agree the vision is something that didn't seem to be followed though on with as much importance as expected, Maybe Andrea Thompson leaving altered the plans for the Corps involvement in the story in the 3rd season and originally the vision would have been more of a guide somehow?

From Kosh's perspective I spose you could argue the vision was more of a time delayed message, give Sheridan the info he needs incase he(Kosh) isn't around anymore in a fashion that means it will only be understoof at the correct time?

I would say it certainly proves useful as it allows Sheridan to know just whats coming from the Shadows, not just that there looking to trick him and kill/capture him but that his opposite number is looking to meet him.
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