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Re: EpDis: Voices Of Authority

A good episode, entertaining and with quite a bit of excitement. There are some parts I don't like as much as others, but overall I quite like it.

About the "code 7R" thing. I've always kind of wondered about the security of those links. Everyone around you can hear what the person on the other end is saying. I suppose that everyone knows that and takes that into account when they "page" someone, but, look what happened here! Perhaps they should have come up with a more inconspicuous message for their super secret meetings.

The Night Watch has shed all subtlety now. It's gone full on creepy. I like the Night Watch storyline a lot. And poor Zack, unable to make up his mind. I think that storyline made me extremely nervous the first time I watched, when I didn't know that Zack would do the right thing in the end. I really wanted him to come around!

Julie Musante isn't just annoying, she's ... scary. It's interesting that she chose that particular tactic to get to Sheridan. Obviously she expected that to work. She must have done her homework on Sheridan before she came to the station, and still expected seduction to be the most successful strategy to deal with him. What does that mean for the information the government has on him? Beyond the basic "well, he's widowed and presumably lonely". If Musante suspected he was hiding anything important, wouldn't she expect him to react exactly the way he did? Maybe she didn't think about it too much and just went for a strategy she successfully used in the past.

Unlike some other people here, I actually quite like Draal

I like Ivanova's trip into space via the great machine, although I still don't quite understand "the path". That's OK, though, I can just go with it

I like Ivanova and Marcus on the White Star, but I'm not crazy about the interaction with the "Walkers". I kinda like that they speak with Kosh's voice, but other than that ... Ivanova tricks a super advanced race into going to war against their ancient enemies by insulting their ego? That's a bit much for me.

Did Sheridan recognize Morden's voice in that recording or did he not? He spent a lot of time with him when he illegally detained him. If we, the audience, can recognize his voice presumably he can, too. I don't remember if that is ever commented on in future episodes. I guess I'll just have to keep watching

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