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Re: EpDis: Voices Of Authority

I found several things annoying in this episode - Draal's voice, for one. I wonder, is that a conscious decision by the powers that be, to make us dislike him ever so slightly, or does that voice just come with the actor? I do like his change of attitude to Ivanova, with the line "I like you - you're trouble."

Ms. Musante is also very annoying, and that belongs to the bureaucrat role she plays. Any charm she might exhude comes across as manipulative. It is amusing to see how Sheridan struggles to deal with the seduction attempt tactfully. The Trek variation line ("about to go where everyone has gone before") is hilarious!

The ideological aspects give me the shivers - it's happened too often in the past and it is very easy to see how it can happen in the future. The linguistic games played to mask the truth ("temporary abridgements", "ideologically pure", etc.) are uncomfortably close to home.

I wasn't very fond of the iconic totem appearance of the First Ones, but I did like their ships, with the coloured lights. They looked very different, alien, yet beautiful - if these are the same First Ones Sakai encountered, were the ships identical? I don't remember how those looked.

I hadn't thought about Ivanova's latent telepathic abilities when I saw this and only grasped the significance after reading the guide and the comments here. For that reason it does make sense that she, not Sheridan, had to go to the planet.
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