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Re: EpDis: A Call To Arms

Originally Posted by A_M_Swallow View Post
A Call to Arms had an unhappy ending, that will have produced a large reduction in the amount of enjoyment it gives.
Originally Posted by KoshN View Post
To me, Chen's music added just the right amount of alien-ness to ACtA and Crusade (except for the end "music" from "Ruling from the Tomb" - the pops, boings, baby crying and dog barking was utter crap.).
As far as the movie itself I still very much enjoyed the movie with featuring more of the Drakh plus it opened the doors for the Crusade series..of course the series wasn't able to be completed but that's where the centauri trilogy helped to tighten the loose threads from B5 show itself as well. Anway's that's cool that some of you liked the music but personally I would have rather seen someone else but the world wasn't created for everyone to agree on everything.

Originally Posted by KoshN View Post
Well, not everybody could be in every movie.
I realize that but it's still my opinion to want Delenn in the movie..She's my favorite character and I would have liked to see her there. I may be new to the board but I still know enough about the show to still want Delenn. (not trying to misunderstand what your saying it's just my humble opinion that's all.)

Originally Posted by KoshN View Post
Stuff is filmed out of order. You have to put it in context. No big deal.

In B5 Seasons 1 through 5 (2258-2262), Sheridan had no beard. In ACtA (late 2266/early 2267), he had one. In SiL (2281), he didn't. Nothing wrong with that. Guys do that all the time, grow a beard, live with it for awhile, get tired of it, and shave it off. Perfectly normal.
I think you took my statement out of context..when I said that seeing Sheridan again after watching SIL it could have provoked a bittersweet response to some people who have watched the show..I realize that the show it filmed out of order it was just something that might help certain people who watched the movie realize why they had a dry taste in their mouth. Plus with the beard statement I wasn't saying that Sheridan having a beard was a problem it's just that his beard is quite different than what it looked like in season 5 plus I think it's even different than SIL even. I have a mustache from time to time and even in my security job I wish I could grow a beard but can't but it had nothing to do with the series it was just an observation that's all

Originally Posted by KoshN View Post
Too dark? Nooooo. It's that "voltage" that's needed to get Crusade started. Some might say that because you know the Drakh plague is cured by the time you get to SiL (2281), it reduces the effect of the end of ACtA, by making that not dark. You know the cure is found so the peril is defused. Personally, I think that is partly true, but I would have been able to watch Crusade and enjoy the ride, i.e. enjoy finding out how they found the cure and what happened to them along the way. Enjoy the moment, people! If you get on a roller coaster, you pretty much know that you'll be OK when the ride ends, but you still enjoy it, right?
I never said it was too dark..I said was it was very dark...too dark no. Again this is my humble opinion nothing to do with yours. I'm not on this site to fight with anyone I'm just pointing out that IMHO it's a very dark movie. People enjoy watching the new Battlestar Galactica as well but if anyone says it isn't darker than the original than they are lying but here it's different if you don't think it's dark great and if it is dark great as well. Besides just because a show is dark doesn't mean it isn't good. I am enjoying the moment but we are all here to analyze the show on our own opinons. Watching B5 to me is like a jigsaw puzzle. Watching many sci fi shows seem to be the same they are very linear but what I love about B5 each episode may reveal a spoiler but when you watch the whole show it's like putting all the pieces together. I too love little spoilers and finding out how point B got to point C or whatever. Either way I'm sure most people agree that the Drakh are dark characters..besides my ex-girlfriend was quite frightened by the Drakh. I hope I'm not nitpicking but I felt like some people are nitpicking towards my opinion. Spelling Delenn wrong is one thing that I didn't get upset about and I'm not even getting upset here it's just that I have certain opinions and I'm sticking with them. I love this board and going to continue to post messages as long as I don't of course make a remark that is vulgar or desparages towards another person. I'm having fun..YeAH
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