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Re: EpDis: The Paragon Of Animals

See? So that narrows it down for some of you at least.

It's either the way the part was written, or the way he interpreted it that so bugs you about Byron.
Can it be both? .. I quite honestly think both apply equally for my dislike of Byron.

He was basically a Psi-cop-in-training with a Psi-cop mentality that broke away and still kept the whole Psi-cop attitude.
I didn't really get the Psi Cop vibe from me. To me, he seemed more like an abused child. His parents had beaten him. So, of course, the whole world must pay in return. He just had NO perspective about matters, he was so blinded by his own hatred.

I could have dealt with all that, if it hadn't been accompanied by this air of .. "oh I'm so fucking holy. I'm soooooooo pacifistic and lovely. I'm soooooo much better than all you." It was his hypocracy that really bugged me Bester at least knew he was an utter bastard.

Anyhow, I think the response is pretty much what it should have been. A good cause, but maybe a bit of a foolish approach.
Foolish just about sums it up .. especially as he COULD have well gotten somewhere with a reasonable approach.
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