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Re: EpDis: The Paragon Of Animals

See? So that narrows it down for some of you at least.

It's either the way the part was written, or the way he interpreted it that so bugs you about Byron.

But it's just so appropriate that it does bug people.

He was basically a Psi-cop-in-training with a Psi-cop mentality that broke away and still kept the whole Psi-cop attitude.

I disagree with some people's interpretations of why he did some of what he did (like in "View Behind the Gallery" or whatever that Bo and Mac episode was called).

But by then some people just saw nothing but bad in him.

Anyhow, I think the response is pretty much what it should have been. A good cause, but maybe a bit of a foolish approach.

An interesting suggestion was made about just quietly asking the Minbari. Do the Minbari have loads of planets that they haven't colonized?
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