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Re: EpDis: The Hour Of The Wolf

Have just watched this now as part of my rewatch. Really good stuff. At the time it was perhaps not the follow-up to Z'Ha'Dum that we expected and it's a fairly slow episode, but watching it after the fact you can see how JMS is slowly moving his pieces into position for the culmination of the Shadow War.

I always listen out for the music and in this episode Christopher Franke introduces some new sounds and motifs, especially for the Centauri Prime scenes, that I particularly like. I've not watched this episode too often since it aired but I had a wave of nostalgia watching it today, I think the music helped with that.

Londo was taking such a risk challenging the Emperor! He changes tact after this, it's really interesting seeing how he plots against the Emperor and definitely a highlight of this season. And even Vir has changed. Two seasons ago Vir would never have been willing to get involved in this kind of conspiracy, but now he steps up to the plate, but he'll have to deal with the consequences of that in a few epsiodes.
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