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Re: EpDis: Hunter, Prey

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Minor detail that I loved but is easily overlooked: right before Sheridan sees the ribbon that's his signal to meet, Garibaldi sees a Ranger walking by. A nice little nod to the fact that B5 is just crawling with conspiracies.
Yes that was a great subtle moment.
....Oy. I posted that comment thirteen years ago. No wonder I couldn't remember writing it.

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I have mentioned elsewhere in the past that I would have liked to see the "Merchant" credited as "Reno". In Signs and Portents, 1.13, he was the dealer who acquired The Eye for Londo and his name was Reno. This character is similar to Reno so I wish he had just been called Reno. This is the version of Reno who might have fallen on some hard times, but is still able to find things and make things happen. Just an interesting note about casting.
Yeah, I always wondered about that. Same guy, going through a temporary cash-flow problem? Less-talented twin brother? Unwise casting decision? I never could decide.
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