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Re: Avengers: Infinity War

Originally Posted by Kraig View Post

I'm like hypatia, I wait until the movie makes it to premium cable. I've got a home theater system with HBO, Showtime, Epix, and Encore. It will eventually show up on one of those networks. The seating is more comfortable, I can set the sound system to my tastes, and I can pause for breaks. I also have ice cold beer and fresh popcorn.
I enjoy going to the movies, so I've always gone. I love it when I can make a big event out of it, but I won't lie going alone and having the room to myself is pretty awesome as well. I will admit, though, I have pretty decent opportunities to see movies. The only thing that holds me back is distance. Other than that I can see them fairly cheaply, by comparison to most, and the nearest place I can go to see them is REALLY nice, especially for the price. It is part of a three location chain in a rural area. They have to be competitive because they are locally owned and they are competing with another locally owned establishment in the same small town. So both places have pretty good prices, except on concessions. I wish they would compete on concessions, but I learned a long time ago when I work in a movie theater that most of the money that an individual location makes comes strictly from concessions. That is why the nicer of the two theaters added many menu items and got a license to sell beer and wine. They also have a rewards program that enables me to see any movie, even the newest and biggest movies, for $5 on Tuesdays. And they have Saturday morning movies for $4.50, which also includes the newest and biggest movies without being a member of the rewards program - I'm going to see Life of The Party (2018) this morning at 10:15. Usually the most I will pay there is around $9, unless there is a premium added for a 3D movie. Example: Most chains have their earlier shows for a discounted price. I went to an AMC Theater not too far away because a certain movie I wanted to see didn't come to the places nearest me. Granted it was the second show of the day because they stuck a 1pm weekday matinee in, but $10.19 to see a movie that started at 4:30 just seemed very high to me. Of course that is because I am not an AMC Stubs member and I think it is high because I usually pay much less. But I know, most places the prices can be ridiculous to go to the movies unless you are able to go to the first show of the day, which might be in the morning. I know even AMC in Houston has $5 morning movies; or they did a year ago. Okay I am rambling.

Opinion: I say TheatER when referring to a place one would see movies. I say TheatRE when referring to a place one would see plays. Does anyone think I am wrong for doing this? If so ...

So is this movie topic worth starting a new thread because I'd like to know more reasons why people don't go out to see movies and this thread is about a different topic?

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