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Re: EpDis: Believers

Originally Posted by hypatia View Post

And the attitude is hardly alien, we've all heard of cases even in this day and age about some place having to intervene to get medical attention to a child who is in medical crisis and whose parents insist that prayer and not medical treatment must be the only option. That was one of the least "where-did-he-dream-that-up-from" aspects in the series. Sadly, in my opinion.
I agree. Hence my surprise at the fact that this situation appeared to be unprecedented, and there was no protocol. But, now that I think on it some more, perhaps there is no protocol because this sort of thing doesn't really happen among humans in the 23rd century B5 universe ... It's a posibility, but it doesn't seem likely. From what we see about human religion on the show, the situation doesn't look all that different from the real world 21st century, and, as you say, that sort of thing happens fairly regularly here and now.

I do think that the situation becomes a lot more complex when it involves aliens. Not just because of issues of jurisdiction, but also because there are so many alien species and in a case like this, there's probably not one person on Earth who knows anything useful about that particular species. You'd have to figure out first if this is in fact a religious issue, or if there is an actual physiological reason to avoid major surgery. It could be both, where a real issue has grown into some kind of religious taboo. You'd think, though, that if there were any scientific proof, the parents would have lead with that instead of this "soul" business.

Anyway, I do think the subject is fascinating, even if the episode doesn't do much for me.
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