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Re: EpDis: Believers

Originally Posted by Jan View Post
Not to be argumentative, but how were the parents smug? They were desperate, yes, and said some impolite stuff but I didn't find their fanaticism any worse than many of today's religions that are so certain that theirs is the Only Way.
This wasn't directed at me, and I actually wouldn't call them "smug" as such, but I do think their attitude is a little worse than just "impolite". Definitely arrogant, somewhat condescending. If you truly believe that your species is the chosen species and all other sentient beings are lesser beings, I guess it would be hard to talk to other species without being condescending. Can you treat someone as an equal if, on a fundamental level, you truly don't believe that they are your equal?

I think the study of ethics in a universe with many "alien" species would be fascinating. You'd have to decide who qualifies as "sentient" and who doesn't, and then you have to decide what that all means. As we learn in "A Voice in the Wilderness", that is indeed a thing that's being studied. I'd love to learn more about that than just "the third principle of sentient life" (or what that particular Minbari considers the third principle of sentient life) but then I guess if it was never written, it doesn't actually exist
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