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Re: EpDis: Epiphanies

How to follow the Shadow War conclusion directly was always going to be a very tough choice I would say although potentially ending the series after the 4th season probably gave JMS little choice, he had to shift things forward fairly quickly. It might have been nice to have an episode or two of smaller scale more character focused plots though.

As far as the characters reactions to Garibaldi's choice goes I would say one of the reasons that whole plot is effective even though we know "something" has happened to him he is also talking a lot of sense. Most obviously when it comes to questioning Sheridans potential demagoguery but also asking the "what then?" question to the other characters might do with there lives after everythings over, most obviously in retrospect Marcus/Ivanova.

The situation with Lyta could be viewed as the former but I think it perhaps highlights more the transition from the shadow conflict to the earth conflict. In the former so much of what went on was really down to trust rather than legality. You could even argue really that none of the earth force staff needed to accept the chain of command when B5 left but even more obviously Sheridan isn't leading the other worlds based on any legal authority but rather a sense of trust. Going into the earth story the morals of the conflict aren't so black and white and that sense of trust ultimately needs to give way to something legal.

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