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Re: EpDis: Epiphanies

Originally Posted by Springer View Post
I get why Sheridan had to reprimand Lyta except that she is not part of his command structure and is under no obligation to uphold his command decisions. But she even calls him 'sir' so she's compounding things herself. Sheridan really should have brought her under his command in an official capacity if he wants her to follow his decisions. I suppose it would back up Garibaldi's viewpoint, that Sheridan is building his own little fiefdom and dictating matters to everyone. It just seems a little naive of Sheridan (or perhaps arrogant) to assume Lyta is under his command.
Yea, that's an excellent point. They had Marcus in their "inner circle". Ivanova had some issues with that at first, but she came around. There's no reason they couldn't have invented a position for Lyta. She certainly deserved to be on the payroll ...

his reasoning makes perfect sense!
I was thinking that too, on this last re-watch. It sounds reasonable enough when he explains his reasons for resigning. We, the audience, know what we know, and therefore it's suspicious to us, but it shouldn't necessarily be suspicious to them ... On the other hand, maybe it really is totally out of character for him to be behaving in that way. I don't know.
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