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Fan Films

Hey, everyone.

I've been sort of involved on the fringes of the fan film community since before there really was a fan film community (Been involved in three projects directly, one of which was my own creation, all fell apart before the production got very far), and I've been a lookie-loo and chearleader and occasional consultant since then.

I know JMS is dead-set against any B5 fan films, and I have to assume he'd sue anyone who tried such a thing back into the stone age. Most genre creators are like that, and I imagine Warners would be pretty litigious as well, assuming they even remember B5 is their show.

I've grown to think this is sort of a mistake, though. Granted, these productions are almost never very good, but they get the fans fired up and excited. Excited, fired-up fans tend to spread the word, and maybe buy stuff, or at least re-watch old stuff they're maybe sick of. Keeping the buzz going on a dead show is the first step to a revival or a continuation or a movie or something, right? And Fan Films - good, bad, or indifferent - serve primarily to keep the flag flying.

Undoubtedly the kerjillions of Trek fan films helped revive that as a movie franchise (They even gave James Cawley a cameo in the film). There's a lot of Stargate fan films, Star Wars ones, Superhero ones, and a bunch of other progects for other programs. And for B5, there's....exactly 1/2 of one film.


I'm not trying to round up a crew to make one or anything, I just wondered what your opinions on this might be.

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