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Re: Could the ISA ever produce their own ships with Bio-Armor?

I was under the impression the Whitestar armor was grown on the vessel. The process was done @ Minbar. The Victory Class, (Excalibur,) was also supposed to go through this process, however the 6 months it takes to grow the armor was too long, and the need for the vessel to be placed in service was immediate. This is mentioned in one of the Episodes by the captian in passing.

As for the Warlock class, the Bio Armor of the Shadows was to be adapted to the Warlock, but due to the need for the Armor by Clark ASAP, the Omegas were retrofitted with the Armor and Reactor, (The Archanon, Enigma, and a few others,). The Warlock has the EA version of polycrystaline plating and I think it was 10 to 15 meter thick steel plating, (must be heavy!!!).

Bet we will get to see some Warlocks in the series. Hope the naming will follow the Class name. The one we saw in Crusade was the Necromancer. Think of the great names to follow that class. The Conjurer, The Sorcerer, The Isis (Goddess of Magic), The Merlin, The Sauron(sp?- from the Lord of the Rings). Oops, got of on a rant there.

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