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Re: EpDis: The Corps Is Mother, The Corps Is Father

Didn't psi cops have "bloodhounds" working with them in their posses, who were IIRC lower-rated telepaths who assisted in the chases (particularly the more dangerous ones) and provided added psi power for creating illusions/deceptions in the minds of their targets, as needed? Plus of course more physical manpower. Were they technically psi-cops of lower psi rating, just never lead detectives (which were probably all P-12s)?

The rogue they were chasing, if I'm remembering this episode correctly, seemed to have a special talent for "mind shredding"--i.e. even if lower-rated overall, the balance of his abilities skewed more toward offense than defense (or mind-reading per se), and in that category he was a danger to even average higher-rated telepaths (or higher-rated apprentices, as Bester sternly warns one of his). The Psi Cops force might have found that useful for some of its operations.
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