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Re: Logical Insanity

Originally Posted by Redbo6982 View Post
... earth space should have been lined with nuclear weapons to decimate their fleet. If you disagree agree or have anymore illogical inconsistencies you'd like to discuss please reply
Do you have any idea how many nuclear weapons that would take? We are talking many thousands of miles of space in 3 dimensions all around the Earth at probably a fair distance. Even if they had wanted to do this, I doubt that Earth had the money or infrastructure to produce or buy in anything like enough nuclear warheads to cover even a proportion of the sky. Not to mention how long it would take to put them into place.

And that is to ignore the hyperspace issue ...

Place the nuclear weapons too far away from Earth and the Minbari ships simply bypass them by jumping out of hyperspace inside the "ring of death".

OTOH, place them too close and the Minbari ships simply sit outside the ring and pound Earth and its ships from there.

Sounds to me like too much time, effort, energy and money expended for potentially little or no protection.

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