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Re: EpDis: A Race Through Dark Places

Excuse my three-years-later double post or reply to myself, but my current B5 watching schedule had a few more episodes I already commented on before I get to the ones where I left off last time, and I just noticed something in "A Race Through Dark Places" I didn't notice before!

This scene, where Bester is in the Captain's office, talking about the attack that just happened:

(As always, please excuse my crappy screenshot )

This is where Bester expresses no interest whatsoever in what happened to Talia. Half the people in this room are in love with Talia! (I mean .. for a certain value of 'in love" anyway) Does he know this and is he being callous on purpose to annoy them, or is he just really so self-important he doesn't actually think about her at all? Both options seem equally likely.
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