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Re: War without end 1+2

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WOW! that is an honest story. I don't really feel I think worse of Doyle because JMS stated that he didn't think "Jerry fully understood." I think it depends on what was done and why. And I should point out that even though I never met the man while he was with us, I never thought I would have liked to know him once I started learning more about him through his public life. Doyle that is, not O'Hare. I would have LOVED to meet O'Hare. Like I've said I didn't really see Season One until the late 90s so that is when I became an O'Hare fan. I don't ever recall seeing him on a guest list at any of the Conventions I could have attended back in the late 90s, so I never met him.

All that being said I will restate that I think it is handled brilliantly in the episodes.
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