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Re: War without end 1+2

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Looks like JMS answered your question. Glad it's settled but sorry my impression of Doyle isn't improved.

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Though I don't thing Jerry fully understood what was wrong with Michael, he knew something wasn't right and often went out of his way to get under Michael's skin just to watch him spin out. With Michael still fragile I couldn't afford to let anything go wrong with the two parterJ. Michael Straczynski added,

@straczynski silly question. I am re-watching War without end 1 and 2 and I am curious why you made the decision to keep Jerry Doyle and O'hare apart for both episodes-was based upon taking away from the plot(a lot happened) or was there other things involved?
6:50 PM - 2 Jul 2018

One thing I love about JMS he will answer your question honestly
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