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Re: War without end 1+2

Originally Posted by jumptheshark View Post
I am doing sort of a binge watch of the show and in watching War without end part 1 and 2 and asked myself why JMS kept Doyle and O'Hare away from being on the screen together since their relationship was so key to the first season
Keep in mind that I *don't* know if it's true or not, okay? But there's long been a rumor that Doyle refused to work with O'Hare. My personal feeling is that there may be some truth to it because I've never seen or heard Doyle be anything but boorish when talking about O'Hare. And that was before finding out about O'Hare's illness. Afterward, I made a point of emailing an email I know was active for Doyle to make sure he knew about O'Hare's illness but never heard back.
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