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Re: EpDis: Intersections In Real Time

I don't really care for this one. It doesn't work for me.

I feel it's kind of an unreasonably clean 1950s view of torture. Where are the cattle prods to the 'nads,? the rapes? the dismemberments? The physical violence? The idea that torture is just "Let's humiliate him and confuse him until he gives in" is not only completely unrealistic, but needlessly gung-ho and John Wayney. It does disservice to the millions of people who've been tortured by basically saying they're weak. "They broke you? It's because you didn't say 'No' one more time. Therefore it's your fault, ya' lousy, stinkin' yellowbelly traitor!" "Just say No" doesn't work for drugs, and it doesn't work for torture. Sorry.

And the fact is that nobody, nobody, nobody makes it through without giving in. The US Military has long-recognized that any information a person happens to know when captured by the enemy is always compromised. It's why people who know really sensitive information carry suicide pills in situations why they're at risk. And in training for these things the US Military does - or at least did in the 1980s - advise people to just tell their captors anything wanted to know. They *WILL* find out eventually, and why put yourself through all that for no reason?
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