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Re: EpDis: Chrysalis

I find I have surprisingly little to say about Chrysalis. It's a great season ender! This is Babylon 5 at its Babylon 5-iest. There's so much stuff going on, it's all very exciting. Imagine having to wait to see what happens next! (maybe you don't have to imagine if you can remember watching this on TV when it first aired )

I have a hard time remembering how things looked to me upon first viewing, but I seem to remember expecting the assassination plot to fail. It's still a bit shocking to me now, seeing Earth Force I explode.

Upon first viewing, I also didn't know this was the last we would ever see of Commander Sinclair. It still makes me kind of sad when I watch it now. I really do like his character.

"Nothing's the same anymore", indeed.

(Oh, and it's the episode my userpic is from!)
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