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Ron Thornton Medical Expense Help

Ran across this link on FaceBook. Most of you know that Ron Thornton was a visual effects designer on B5. Without him, the show might well not have been possible.
I don't know any details but apparently he's in the hospital in critical condition. There's a GoFundMe page here:

Ron Thornton is one of the fathers of CGI animation for television and an Emmy-winning visual effects artist and supervisor. Beyond that, however, he is one amazing human being who is a delight to work with or just to know. He loves life, lives it with energy and wry wit, and with an incredible appreciation of friends. And he is a mean gourmet cook.

Ron has been ill for some time, and is now in the hospital in critical condition. He and his wife, Lada, need help with medical bills and expenses that are piling up.

I'm setting up this fund for them, so that I and his many, many friends and colleagues can help them at this time of need. Lada and Ron will be deeply grateful for any assistance, and so will I. I love Ron and Lada. I think everyone who truly knows them must.

Please help, if you can.
Help spread the word!
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