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Re: How would you reboot B5?

Since the OP is interested in B5 (and not spinoffs) will address that.

Feature film length?

I'd probably like to see something that has to do with the Battle of the Line. A great springboard for future films (or a series spinoff). And it can provide a pretty self-contained story, imho. Two issues with this:

I could see for that is that it would be a bit anticlimactic if they stick to the original story that Sinclair being brought aboard the Minbari ship is what ends the war. (And that might open up a pretty big can of worms that could not be resolved in a single sitting.)

Also, there's no "Babylon 5" in this story. At the end, they might create "Babylon 1."

But, the Earth/Minbari war would make for great cinema. Great intrigue. An introduction to the Minbari as the ass-kicking aliens they are. And mankind at the brink of extinction.

Another possibility is that they begin as the series begins in a sense. A space station that opens up. People don't think it will last. Sabotage (similar to that of The Gathering).

Issue here is retreading pretty familiar/old ground.

When you boil the concept down: it's like NATO in space. An "act 0" might show the building and destruction of the first 4 Babylon stations. In my head, I see the intro to Serenity. Things summed up fairly quickly. Then we begin in media res in some way. Some crisis.

And the rest... who knows.

Just thinking out lout.
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