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Re: Shadows, Vorlons, and... math?

Originally Posted by Springer View Post
I've just re-watched the scene in Interludes... , and we see three Shadows materialise in Kosh's quarters. There are two Shadow images, as well as Morden himself, on the wall in Walkabout. According to JMS on the Lurker's Guide, Kosh didn't take any of the Shadows down with him. JMS also describes their fight as being "on another whole plane", whatever that means, and that Kosh allowed himself to be targeted because if it wasn't going to be him, it would be someone else instead – and Vorlons don't run, according to JMS! He draws a comparison with the thematic narrative in Passing Through Gethsemane – Kosh was going to stay and face what was coming.

And yes, welcome NorrinRadd!
Kosh had an exit plan, he left his encounter suit so a piece of his mind could go to Sheridan. That way he was able to go to Z'ha'dum with Sheridan. But Kosh being out of his encounter suit left him vunerable to the Shadow attack. I think that was Kosh's strategy, and he was willing to pay the price in order to be with Sheridan at Z'ha'dum.
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